The facelift procedure is performed to tighten the skin of the face and neck area, giving the patient a more youthful and rested appearance.
A "face lift" (Rhytidectomy) improves the appearance of the cheeks and neck. It does not include the eyelids or the forehead.
Our Specialized Doctors uses a new technique of face lifting: the Mini-Dissection. Thanks to this special approach, a maximum result is obtained using minimum surgical dissection, therefore causing less swelling. The hair is not shaved.


The incision starts from above the ear, where it is hidden in the hairline. It then runs inside the ear and into a natural crease where the scar is least noticeable. Finally, the incision continues behind the ear and along the hairline of the neck, resulting in a scar that can be camouflaged by hair. The skin is tightened and the excess is eliminated.
For a more durable result, a sophisticated procedure is performed to also tighten the muscles underneath the skin.
The skin is then tightened and the excess is eliminated.
This elaborate “face lift” technique improves the appearance of the neck and cheeks, but exerts limited effect where there are collections of fat under the chin. A limited fat suction may be performed under the chin by means of a fine tube connected to a suction machine, somewhat like a gentle vacuum cleaner. This fine tube is inserted through a small incision and the excess fat of the neck is suctioned away.
A face lift requires about three to four hours to be performed.
Some of the stitches are absorbable and disappear by themselves, but others require removal within a week or two following surgery. On the average, you will be presentable with make-up and may return to work two to three weeks after surgery.
There will be a sensation of tightness and possible numbness around the ears for a few weeks following surgery.
Your appearance will continue to improve for at least six months following surgery.



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