• Phase 2 : The "light", "medium" or "concentrated" peel program.

Fees for the peel treatment are paid in 2 installments: first a deposit, followed by payment of the balance at a later date. The peel fees cover all consultations with the office assistants and all phone inquiries.
 The initial set of skin products, necessary for the average pre-peel preparation, is supplied to you at no cost. Additionally, a few medications prescribed for you during the course of treatment can be purchased from any pharmacy.

The Preparation Program (Pre-Peel)

A combination of skin products is carefully selected for you by our Specialized Doctors, to be used morning and night. They include: Cleansers, astringents, exfoliatives, stimulators, color blenders, sunscreens, moisturizers and anti-irritants. This program is usually followed for 4 to 8 weeks. Initially, you may look worse. Your skin will flake and appear red and feel dry and sensitive. Spots may appear darker than before. However, within two to three weeks, you will gradually feel and look better.

The Peel Program (Light, Medium or Concentrated)

The peel program is an absolutely essential step after the preparation stage in order to fix the improvement of your skin permanently.
This program consist of painting the skin with an exfoliating irritant solution (e.g: trichloracetic a., glycolic a.). our Specialized Doctors performs 3 types of peels :


  •  "Light" is low in concentration and yields a mild degree (10 to 15%) of improvement.

  • "Medium" is moderate in concentration and results in moderate (15 to 25%) improvement.

  • "Concentrated" is high in concentration and produces a considerable (40 to 50%) improvement.



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