For optimum results, patients may need a series of two peels: a first peel at the end of the preparation stage, followed a year later by a second peel. The procedure takes relatively little time (20 minutes) and is done under local or general anesthesia. It causes no pain, but a little discomfort. You can return home the same day.
Mild itching, crusting and redness appear afterwards. These symptoms are relatively painless. Your skin gradually improves, changing its color from red to a paler pink hue.
Following the peel, you are usually presentable in 3 to 5 days (in the case of "light" and "medium" peels) or in 5 to 10 days (following a "concentrated" peel). You then return gradually to a mild cream program (maintenance routine). Your appearance will continue to improve steadily for 6 months to a year following the peel. Therefore, be patient!

Occasionally, brown spots, pimples, large pores, some acne activity, some redness or some discoloration may be seen for the next 2 to 6 months. Persistence of skin discoloration, redness, large pores, or scars is not common, but possible. No sun exposure is permitted after this procedure for 2 months In the future, to preserve your skin from the continuing effects of the daily aging process, you may need a "light" peel every 2 or 3 years, preceded by a mild preparation program, in order to keep your skin in optimum condition.
If you have received "Accutane" for acne treatment in the past, your peel may have to be postponed for a few months. If you have suffered from previous herpes infections (cold sores), special medications will be prescribed for you to prevent its recurrence.


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