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With other small instruments, the surgeon can remove damaged parts of the knee joint (this is called debridement) and clean or flush the joint to remove any loose parts (called lavage or irrigation) that may be causing your pain.

Arthroscopy is not for everyone and may only provide temporary relief from pain or delay the need for other surgeries.

  • Osteotomy is a surgery that repositions or reshapes the bones in your knee where osteoarthritis has caused damage. This procedure can only be done when only one area or side of your knee is damaged. The procedure changes the position or alignmentof the knee so your weight shifts away from the damaged area. This procedure restores movement in your knee and relieves the pain. However, people who have an osteotomy may need knee replacement surgery in the future.

  • Arthroplasty is also called joint or knee replacement therapy. A surgeon removes the part of the knee damanged by osteoarthritis and replaces it with an artificial joint made from metals and plastic. All or part of the knee joint may be replaced in this procedure. Although recovery may take a long time depending on the extent of your surgery, the results of arthroplasty are often successful. Knee replacement therapy can help put an end to your pain and improve or restore movement of your knee.



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