This factsheet is for people who snore, or who would like information about snoring.

Snoring is a rough, rattling sound that comes from your mouth and nose when you're asleep. It can disturb your and your partner's sleep, making you feel tired in the day.
Snoring is very common. It affects as many as four in 10 people.

About snoring

When you're awake, muscles in your nose, mouth and throat keep your airways open. This allows you to breathe freely.
However, when you're asleep, your muscles relax. This means the airways can sometimes close up, preventing the air from getting in or out easily. When this happens and you try to breathe, the soft tissue in your mouth, nose and throat vibrates, making noise; this is what we call snoring.

Illustration showing the tissues that can affect snoring

Tissues that can affect snoring


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