Rickets / Paediatric Osteomalacia


How is rickets treated?

The treatment goals include relieving the symptoms and correcting the underlying cause to prevent recurrence. If the condition is not corrected while children are still growing, skeletal deformities and short stature may be permanent, but if it is corrected while the child is young, skeletal deformities often reduce or disappear with time.

 The symptoms disappear with the replacement of deficient calcium, phosphorous, and/or vitamin D.

 Biologically active form of vitamin D could be used in people who have difficulty in converting vitamin D to its active form.

 Including fish, liver and processed milk, which are rich sources of vitamin D in the diet.

 Exposure to moderate amounts of sunlight.

 Skeletal deformities could be corrected by maintaining a good posture and bracing could help in reducing the deformities.

 Some skeletal deformities can be corrected only with surgical correction




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