Dr. Rola Al-Hogail

Dr. Rola Al-Hogail

Dermatology and plastic surgery clinic


Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Clinic

A special department of plastic surgery and day surgery, as well as operating rooms that are equipped with the latest surgical and safety equipment. The plastic surgery department includes the elite of plastic and reconstructive surgery consultants in the middle east, as well as a group of highly trained anesthetists who care about the safety of surgical procedures.
At Ajmal center, all types of plastic surgeries are performed on the including facial, nose, maxillofacial, eyelid, ears, body sculpting, liposuction, fat transfer, breast surgeries, and all other cosmetic plastic surgeries.
The plastic surgery department also includes the latest 3D imaging technologies which allow the patient to view similar results of the surgery before undergoing the surgical procedure, which gives the patient more tranquility and trust to go through with the surgery.
It also includes the newest liposuction and body sculpting machines like the Vaser machine, which add to the great results of liposuction and body sculpting procedures.