General surgery clinic:

The General Surgery Clinic provides emergency surgical procedures and interventions and other surgeries with the highest level of care and we provide the necessary support to patients using a multidisciplinary approach to care for all cases.

Conditions that are treated:

1- Performing various surgical procedures.
2- Abdominal surgeries.
3- Colon and small intestine tumors.
4- Hemorrhoids and fistulas.
5- Varicose veins.
6- Hernia.
7- Excision of the gallbladder and appendix.
8- Endocrine and tumor surgeries.
9 – Thyroid surgery.
10 different pediatric surgeries.

General Surgery Clinic

The general surgery clinics include a team of the most skilled surgeons with high qualifications and distinguished experiences, as the operations are performed by doctors who have American, Canadian and Western fellowships, assisted by international competencies specialized in anesthesia and who hold the highest certificates and are distinctly trained to ensure the selection of appropriate doses and the optimal method that suits the patient in addition to a team A highly qualified nurse Certificates in the field of nursing and have distinguished experience. Our surgical departments pay close attention to subspecialties such as breast and oncology, colorectal surgery, as well as thoracic and trauma surgery, and vascular surgery. The recovery rooms also provide full monitoring of consciousness, pressure, pulse, temperature, respiration, blood oxygen level and limb movement after the operation.