Duties and Responsibilities

  1.  Maintaining diagnostic imaging equipments and materials
  2. Positioning for diagnostic imaging examinations
  3. Advising and supporting patients
  4. Shielding patients from unnecessary exposure to xray radiation
  5. Following physician orders to ensure accuracy of image capture of finish radiograph

Offer Works For XRAY

  1. We can do a general xray for our in-patient  and out-patient ,infant  and patients with special needs.
  2. We do accept appointment with our best orthopedic doctors
  3. We Have a new generation digital panoramic xray machine (ORTHOPOS) SL can perform 
  4. A) panoramic Xray (dental)
  5. B) cephalometric xray (dental)
  6. C) 3D scan xray (dental)
  7. D) We Have doctors who can assist and refers for patients who in need for special examination like MRI ,and CT scan


Our Special Skills in Handling Our Professional jobs

  1. Communicate and interact with variety of people to complete our responsibilities
  2. Medical and Anatomical skills
  3. Machine and Mechanical Aptitude